Contemporary 4L Oak – Clear Internal Doors


1981mm x 610mm x 35mm In Stock
1981mm x 686mm x 35mm In Stock
1981mm x 762mm x 35mm In Stock
1981mm x 838mm x 35mm In Stock


Our Contemporary 4l oak internal door offers superb value for money with its clear glass and eye-catching looks. Available at a great price, this door offers a perfect solution for homes where a better diffusion of light and a greater feeling of space is desired, but a distinct separation between rooms is still required.

With its four panels of clear, toughened glass in the flexible and contemporary Shaker style, this simplistically styled, unfinished oak door is a very popular choice amongst both families and professionals. Ideal for those looking to install internal doors in darker rooms where light needs to flow more naturally and find those less forgiving corners. They would work wonderfully in a long hallway or corridor, for example, where there is usually a deficit of natural light. Whilst the beautifully glazed panels are its real selling point, the door itself is a wonderfully crafted piece of engineered oak with a solid core, so it will really help your home stay cool in the summer and trap heat in the winter.

These doors are available in five popular sizes and in imperial – 35mm, metric – 40mm and FD30 (fire door) – 44mm thickness options.

Lipping20mm on 686mm and higher
MaterialEngineered Solid Core (Heavyweight)
GlazingClear Glass
  • 1981mm x 610mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 686mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 762mm x 35mm
  • 1981mm x 838mm x 35mm