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Vivid Doors offers a suite of beautiful internal French door pairs off the shelf. Our interior French door pairs come in a range of sizes to suit any project and are ideal where you need the flexibility to separate or join two rooms. Some of our Internal french doors come rebated as standard.


Our internal glazed French door pairs come with a variety of attractive glazing designs to choose from to suit your home. One of the most popular for those seeking maximum light flow is the shaker style White Pattern 10. Whether its pairs of solid panel doors, flush doors or glazed doors we’ll have a solution for you.

We have an impressive range of internal French door pairs available, in a choice of prefinished oak, unfinished oak, solid white primed or traditional hardwood.

If you are renovating your home and want something a little different to brighten up your living area, lounge, kitchen or divide a large room in your home, then one of our off-the-shelf French door pair options could be the ideal choice for you. Our interior French door pairs are offered in most standard sizes, and are a good choice if you need the flexibility to join or separate two rooms. With internal French doors you can let light flood into your rooms, making them feel bigger and more welcoming.

Some of the French doors that we stock come rebated as standard. Most doors come with enough architraving for both sides, so that you stain or paint each side to blend with the design of that room. Choose from clear glass for maximum flow of light, or frosted glass for greater privacy, with a range of different window configurations to suit most rooms.

Choose Your Finish and Glazing

With pre-finished, white, engineered wood, hardwood and unfinished frames to choose from, it’s easy to put together the perfect design, whether you’re working on a Scandinavian kitchen, a Georgian living room, a contemporary study or hallway, or something a little more rustic and homely. We take pride in using only the best suppliers, with Climadoor and NUVU making many of the products in our catalogue. Choose from affordable products from the classics range or heavier hardwood offerings for a luxurious renovation.

We understand that most homeowners prefer to have a consistent look throughout their own house, which means matching door handles, so we do not supply hardware with our internal doors. We do, however, supply frames, architraving, the doors and glazing, and any other elements needed for the installation. There is a range of thicknesses to choose from, to match the existing frames and your current openings. Our interior doors are supplied in flat pack form, for assembly on-site.

With tall glazed panels and window patterns up to 8L available, there is something for any home. The elegance and charm of these doors means that they have a timeless appeal, and will match modern, period or rustic properties with ease. Combine the doors with demi side panels or sidelights for a truly majestic look.

Free UK Delivery

We offer free delivery (over £750) to UK addresses, and most of our off the shelf French doors can be delivered within three to five days. If you need more than just a single pair, then we offer French door sets as well, and we can do some made to measure designs. There is a longer lead time on the made to measure doors, depending on whether we simply need to add sidelights, or whether the doors need machined to your specifications.

If you are not sure what size of door you need, take a look at the measuring guide on our page for Made to Measure doors and windows. This guide should answer most common questions. Our customer service team would be happy to give you some more detailed advice. Call us on 01246 380 283 for more information.