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Classic White 58mm French Patio Doors

Classic White 58mm French Patio Doors

High Performance Modular Double Glazed Timber French Door sets available from stock.

Softwood Patio doors have become more and more popular in the external French doors market. The ability to engineer timber doors, with chemically treated timbers has extended the life of softwoods to excessive lengths, with minimum guarantees now of 10 year +. Engineered solid core doors, manufactured using the latest technologies, are inherently stable, heavyweight in feel and give you that security and piece of mind you get with wooden patio doors.

Our "off the shelf" range of softwood french doors include the NUVU and Cimadoor Classic ranges, giving you both price sensitive solutions as well as "better than Building Regulation" performance, thermally.

Softwood Patio Doors

If you are looking for an affordable way to brighten up your kitchen, conservatory or living room, then our selection of softwood patio doors could well be the option. Softwood doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice among home owners who want to get the best balance between style and value for money.

Patio doors can suit a kitchen, a living space, or even a bungalow bedroom that looks out onto a garden. Whatever room you are decorating, softwood patio doors offer fresh air and lots of natural light, making the room feel bigger and more welcoming, and bringing a literal, and figurative, breath of fresh air into the property. Hard wood doors come at a premium, whereas our softwood options are a great choice for people who want something that is priced to be a little more accessible to any budget, but still high quality, stylish and dependable.

Weather Treated, Robust Materials

In recent years, the technology for creating engineered doors has improved significantly. The days when softwood tended to crack and peal easily are long gone. Today, manufacturers can use chemically treated timbers that are highly weather resistant. The patio door that we sell are made by high end manufacturers such as NUVU and Climadoor, which means that you can enjoy 10+ year guarantees and heavyweight, stable, secure wooden patio doors that look stunning and that don’t have too much of an impact on your wallet.

Choose from a selection of ‘off the shelf’ doors in standard sizes, including the Climadoor Classic range as well as higher end models. So, whether you are looking for price-sensitive options, or something that provides “better than Building Regulation” thermal performance and that is a little more luxurious, we have something for you.

Competitively Priced Patio Doors

NUVU White French Doors, for example, are a competitively priced modular French Door system, which offers stunning good looks. The set is offered in a number of styles, including full height and glazed door sets, as well as an 8 light Georgian style with astragal bars, which is an ideal choice for more formal home designs.

The Climadoor Classics range includes Climadoor Classic French doors, which are a nice match for the Climadoor Classic external bifold doors. These are a good choice for price-conscious designers who want something that looks great and performs well.

If the standard sizes don’t suit your home, or you want something a little bigger, we can still help you. We have a selection of premium made to measure solutions and can modify many of our off the shelf designs with additional sidelights or upper windows to suit your tastes and needs.

We know that security and thermal performance are important considerations with outside doors. All our external doors are double glazed, and come with robust locks. The doors are sold pre-finished, with a weather sealed frame, chrome hardware and handles and pre-glazed doors. They are ready to be assembled on site, and come with easy to follow instructions for quick installation.

NUVU White French doors are a modular French Door system, which are both competitively priced, and give you stunning good looks. Available in standard full height glazed door sets, and with an 8 light more "georgian style" using astragal bars to enhance the look of the doors.

Our Climadoor Classic French Doors are a stylish match to our Climadoor Classic External Bifold doors and provide a cost effective alternative to more "costly" made to measure solutions. However, where size is a problem and one of our modular sets won't work, we offer a made-to-measure service to suit your specific opening sizes.

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