Siena with Double Glazed Obscure Glass Tricoya External Door

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The Tricoya Double Glazed Siena with Obscure Glass is supplied to your home white primed and with 4 double glazed units, frosted for privacy. The ideal front door. The technology behind Tricoya wood is based on acetylation, a process that has been developed by specialists over decades of research and testing. Acetylation changes elements within the wood, reducing the ability to absorb water and adding stability and durability. The acetyl, which provides these qualities, is naturally present within the wood. The technique used to create Tricoya simply increases the proportion of this vital element. A high-tech solution, but one with outstanding performance benefits.

Lipping12mm each side
BrandXL Joinery
MaterialMedite Tricoya Extreme
GlazingFrosted Double Glazed
  • 1981mm x 838mm x 44mm