Solid Oak External Vestibule Frames

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There are many times when structural openings just don’t suit standard ” off the shelf” door frame sets. These Solid Malaysian Oak Vestibule frame sets gives you the ultimate in flexibility – not only allowing you to trim to suit the size of door, and opening you need, where you can fit your own glazed timber sidelights – but also with an option giving you the full bottom rails and beading kit to allow you to glaze the frame yourself! These Oak External Vestibule frame kits allow you to set the part of the frame to suit the door size you have, whilst fitting formal glazed timber sidelights, but with an added option which allows you to trim the bottom rails in length so that your outer frame size matches your structural opening size giving you the look of a made to measure external frame at an “off the shelf” economical price. This Solid Malaysian Oak set includes: – Oak Head, 2 Jambs and 2 Mullions, and Red Hardwood sill, to allow you to make up the outer frame to suit your size of door and opening. – Optional 2 Deep bottom rails and beading kits for assembly into the frame after cutting to size – Water Bar and Weather seal for the frame. This gives you everything you need, whether you are installing formal glazed timber sidelights, or, if you have a challenging opening size, you can set the option with bottom rails and beading kits, to suit a standard door, trimming the bottom rails to suit your opening, and then installing your own double glazed units, so that you can fit any opening. This option, with beading kits and bottom rails, works our to be a very cost effective solution against using formal glazed timber sidelights.

MaterialSolid Malaysian Oak
  • Universal Oak Vestibule Frame