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Welcome friends with humour courtesy of these top funny door mats

Make an impression on your friends, family and visitors with one of these creative doormats. Show off your quirky side, express your interests, or just put a smile on the face of each person that steps through your door!

1. The Welcome Tape

Show your age, and your sense of retro cool, with this cassette tape door mat. Music lovers and old-school computer gamers will enjoy seeing this blast from the past, and you can explain to your children how music once came on a physical tape and games used to take several minutes to “load”.

2. The Answer Mat 

This welcome mat is an amusing take on the often-hated call centre menu or queuing system. It reads “Please stay on the mat. Your visit is very important to us. Your knock will be answered in the order in which it was received”. This mat makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves to rant about slow customer service!

3. For Dog Owners 

Ask not for whom the dog barks… it barks for thee. Dog owners will love this mat, as will anyone who loves literature. This simple but funny mat is a great twist on the usual “Beware of the dog” messages.

4. Welcome / Goodbye 

This thick and durable doormat is family-friendly, practical and quirky. The mat contains the messages Welcome and Goodbye, facing in the correct direction to be understood by someone who is entering or leaving. It’s a simple doormat, but it will put a smile on the face of anyone who notices those kinds of details.

5. Wipe Your Paws 

Welcome the pet lovers in your life with this friendly reminder that they should wipe their paws. This rubber-backed door mat from Kempf is both practical and quirky, and is made of 100% percent natural coco fiber. If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly doormat, this is a good choice.

6. Big Feet 

This cute big feet doormat is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Children will love it, and adults will smile too. The mat is easy to clean and care for, and is certainly more distinctive than the average rubber or fiber doormat. If you want something that the no one else in the neighbourhood has, then this funky doormat is a safe bet.

7. Multiple Goodbyes 

Some people just want to be left alone, and this doormat is perfect for those people! This not so welcoming welcome mat features several different ways to say goodbye, from the polite “cya”, to “take a hike” and “scram!”. There’s something for everyone, from a friend who you hope won’t be parting for long to that cold-calling pest that disturbed your relaxing Sunday morning. Just point at the doormat and tell them to take a hint!

Which one these humourous welcome mats most tickled your funny bone?

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