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Top 10 Ways to Welcome Holiday Guests to Your Home

Outdoor Christmas tree

If you, like most of us, are planning on entertaining this holiday season, you are probably already wondering what you should do to make your guest’s stay as pleasant as possible. These simple tips will help you to give your guests the best possible holiday welcome.

1. It starts with the garden

Kerb appeal is a real phenomenon, and it’s just as important for people who are coming to stay at your house as it is for prospective buyers. Hang lights in your trees outside, spray snow decorations in your windows, light your pathway and make your garden as appealing as possible.

Outdoor Christmas tree
Courtesy of Roger Wollstadt on Flickr

2. Framing your door

Keep the good impression as your guests arrive at your door by continuing the festive decor. Wreaths, snowflakes and lights all add to the impression of festive cheer, without overstepping the line and becoming too tacky.


Festive door decorations
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3. Beautiful hallways

When your guests step through your front door, give them a truly warm welcome. Your hallway should be warm, clean, open and tidy. A splash of festive colour is always good, but what will really make a good first impression is the warmth, and smell. Light some cinnamon scented candles to tell your guests that they are in for a cosy and fun time.

candles in festive hallway
Courtesy of David Baxendale on Flickr

4. The welcome mat

Show that you pay attention to detail by swapping out your welcome mat for one that tells them they are “Home for the holidays”. Choose a mat that represents your family, whether that is understated luxury, a fun snowman and santa theme, or something a little darker, for Game of Thrones fans, that talks about how Winter is Coming.

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5. The living room

The chances are that the living room is the room that your guests will spend the most time in. So, make this room warm, cosy and festive. Decorate the fireplace, put the tree on display, and make sure there are plenty of cushions so that your guests can get comfortable.

Festive lounge
Courtesy of James Qualtrough on Flickr

6. The Christmas guest room

Choose a winter-themed bed spread for a nice festive touch. Be sure to provide some extra pillows and blankets so that your guests don’t have to feel embarrassed about asking for more if they are too cold or can’t get comfortable.

christmas bedding
Courtesy of changingbedrooms on eBay

7. Food for everyone

Stock up your kitchen with a selection of finger foods and soft drinks, as well as tea and coffee and some festive treats. Make sure that they know they are free to use the kitchen at their leisure.


festive finger food
Christmas canapés

8. Make them at home in the bathroom

Provide a selection of toiletries for your guests to use, clearly marked as such, so that they are not caught short if they forget their own shampoo or toothpaste. Add a seasonal treat, such as a winter-themed bath bomb, so that they can relax and unwind after the long journey to your home.

Festive bath bomb
Courtesy of Lush

9. A little entertainment

If your guests are staying a while, prepare a “care package” for them with magazines, books, your wifi password, some chocolates and some other goodies so that they feel welcome and don’t get bored if they wake up before you in the morning, or need to stay up later at night.

magazines for guests
Courtesy of Danny Howard on Flickr

10. A stocking of your own?

Even if your guests aren’t staying for Christmas day, why not make them a stocking for them to take home with them when they leave? A personalized stocking makes a great gift, and will double as a memento of their stay.

Christmas stockings for guests
Named Christmas Stockings


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