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Spooky Halloween Door Decor!

Many neighbourhoods have a tradition which states that trick or treaters should only knock on the doors of homes that display a pumpkin in the window, or by the door. If you welcome trick or treaters, why not go one step further and really show that you’re getting into the spirit of the Halloween holiday with some scary door decorations?


1. Creepy Cloth

Hang some creepy cloth in your doors and windows to get that decaying, haunted house look. This goes great with red or blue lights to add an extra-spooky feel.


2. Ghost Door Cover

This Halloween door decoration features a rather friendly looking ghost, and the world’s cutest spider. It may not produce many scares, but it is definitely festive and sends a clear message that you’re in the Halloween party spirit. If you’re hosting a party for younger kids, then this is the best kind of ghost for them.



3. Door Monster

This door monster is quite easy to make. It’s cute enough that kids will love it, but it’s also slightly monstrous looking. Simply use some paper plates for the eyes, tape for the mouth, and crepe strips for the hair.


4. Spooky Police Tape

Add a scary touch to some simple decorations with this scary, Halloween themed police tape. If you have a large garden, you could tape off an entire section and make it look like a “murder scene” with some chalk markings on the floor.


5. Skeleton Door Cover

This waterproof skeleton door cover is easy to fit and transforms your home into a prison for some rather scary looking skeletons. These gruesome, skeletons with their lifeless, piercing eyes (well, eye sockets) stare out at you from behind bars. They don’t look like much during the day, but at night you don’t want to step too close, because you could almost believe that they’ll grab you if you approach.



6. Spooky Skeletons

If you have a large patio, why not put a skeleton on a chair or bench? Place a pumpkin next to him to cast some spooky light. Or, even better, buy a Halloween noise maker toy and play some spooky sounds when trick or treaters approach!


7. Haunted Castle Door Cover

This waterproof door cover turns your front door into the entrance way of a haunted castle. For added effect, hang an inflatable ghost behind your door, so that those who dare to knock get an extra scare!


8. Frankenstein

If you’re feeling creative, why not make your own Frankenstein door cover? The principle behind this cover is similar to the earlier monster design, but a little more recognizable, and ideal as a front-door decoration if you’re hosting a horror-movie themed party.


9. Vampire Door Knocker

If skeletons and Frankenstein aren’t scary enough for you, how about this vampire themed door knocker? This vampire is worlds away from The Count on Sesame Street, or any of the Twilight glittery vampires. Even the most jaded trick or treater won’t want to get too close to his fangs.


10. Skeleton Wreath

This eye-catching wreath is a fun project to make with your kids. Take a straw wreath and cover it with some black and white felt, use skewers to attach the skeleton (or any other ghastly image), and then add a bow for effect.

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