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Smart Home Products You Never Knew You Needed

We can always do with some extra help around the house, but not all of us can afford a butler. What you can do though, is make a little investment in a nifty little tool, gadget or product that makes your home life that little bit easier. You need something that you never even knew you needed.

But where do you find something you didn’t know you need? We’ve put together a little list of some of the coolest home products out there at the moment that are genuinely really useful to own, well designed and won’t cost you an arm or a leg. The kind of products that once you buy, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. In other words, the best kind. They can be so simple, but more often than not, that’s what makes them so great.

Check them out below!


Joseph Joseph BladeBrush

Joseph Joseph began in 2003 when twin brothers Richard and Antony Joseph launched the company with a goal of bringing simple, intelligent design to our households. The results speak for themselves. The ingenuity of their designs are easy to see and they’re the kind of products that you’re almost ashamed to get so excited about. Their website has a really diverse range of fantastically-designed products that make home life just that little bit easier, whether it’s clever storage, bathroom products or kitchen bins, you’ll want them all. You could get lost for hours in their huge cooking products range.

We’ve chosen to showcase the BladeBrush. For only £8, this is really sums up the quality of their design. So simple and so cheap, the BladeBrush makes cleaning up that little bit easier and safer.

The CouchCoaster

The clue is in the name here, the CouchCoaster allows you to be your laziest self. A secure coaster that fastens to the arm of your sofa, this product has been a massive hit in the States, and is now available in the UK for the reasonable price of £20. Think of it as a lifetime subscription to glorious laziness.

Able to fit onto all different shapes and sizes of sofa arm, never make the long stretch to the side table again.

Eufy RoboVac

The most expensive item on the list, but worth every penny is the Eufy RoboVac. Eufy specialise in making high-tech home appliances that are revolutionising the way we live. If you’ve simply had enough of hoovering your home, then let a little robot do it for you.

eufy by Anker

Create a vacuuming zone in your home and the RoboVac will set about making it look spotless, from hardwood flooring to shag carpets, no job is too small. It’ll glide under your sofas and beds, is super quiet and really powerful. The RoboVac 30C also has Wi-Fi connectivity and can be synced up to your Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa so you can feel truly futuristic. This also means you can set your RoboVac to work whilst you’re out at work and the kids are at school, so you return to a wonderfully clean home every day. No more tedious hoovering for you, a bargain at any price.

NoCry Safety Gloves

Investing in your safety is always worth it and when you’re cooking every day, this likely means you’re using knives every day. You may be confident in your skills handling a knife but even the most professional of chefs can accidentally slice themselves open. NoCry specialise in industrial strength safety gear and their cut resistant gloves will see to it that you’re never at risk of a surprise trip to the hospital when preparing your dinner again.

For just under £9, their cut resistant gloves can keep everyone in your home safe when preparing food. They’re accredited and certified, machine-washable, ambidextrous, snug and with five different sizes available, there’s a fit out there for everyone.

Oxo GoodGrips

It’s really hard to choose just one thing from Oxo’s GoodGrips range to shout out here as the award-winning company have such a fantastic range of home products, especially when it comes to cooking & preparing food. Oxo follow a principle of ‘Universal Design’ meaning they create their products to be easily used by as many people as possible.

We can only shout out one product here and we’re going to have to opt for the 3 Blade Hand-Held Spiralizer. Giving you the power to create three different types of cut for long and round vegetables, it’s so easy to use and minimises food waste as you can easily turn the whole vegetable down to a nub. It also opens up a whole world of cooking options for the low price of £18.35.

The Container Store Shoe Boxes

Space can often be a premium in our homes and shoes piled up in the hallway is an all too familiar sight. But with The Container Store’s drop-front shoe boxes, it doesn’t have to be this way. What we love about these is that they’re modular, so you can configure them in any way you like to suit your home. Good storage solutions are always really satisfying and The Container Store’s website is absolutely full of them, so if the shoe boxes aren’t your thing, there’ll be something up your street in their wider range.

Quirky Stem Citrus Spritzer

Quirky certainly live up to their name with some of the most out-there home products you can buy. Their website is filled with oddities and you’ll want to buy them all. The products they sell are just so simple but so useful. They help bring crowd-sourced inventions to life, giving power and capital to ideas that would otherwise be lost in the ether of the human hive mind.

We had to pick one to share with you and we decided on the Stem Citrus Spritzer. From the brilliant mind of David Houle, a Michiganite, it is pure genius. You insert your Stem into a citrus fruit, its serrated teeth makes insertion super easy and just press on the nozzle like any aftershave bottle etc and voila! So clever, so simple.


One of the many genius products from design firm ILOVEHANDLES, Plank is a handy little shelf for your phone or any other phone-sized items that helps you keep all your stuff in one place, ready to go. Use it for your wallet, glasses or anything you never leave the house without. It has a magnetic underside so you can effortlessly attach and grab your keys from underneath and it’s easily installed anywhere in your home. In a range of different wood options, the Plank has a clean and minimal Scandi look and will blend seamlessly into your home. For just under £20, it’s a nifty little purchase for your home!


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