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Small but Perfectly Formed – Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Under bed storage

We are living in a world where many of us have less space than we’ve ever had. Homes are getting smaller and more cluttered which can leave many of us feeling cramped and stressed. Whilst we sadly can’t wave a magic wand and make anyone’s home any larger there are plenty of clever tips and tricks to make the most of the space you have. Here are some of our favourite ingenious interior design ideas for your small spaces.


1. Make the most of alcoves

Don’t let alcoves be wasted spaces! They can often be an awkward shape but are ideal for adding extra storage. Put up some shelves or find a perfectly sized set of drawers to keep clutter hidden away and make the most of these tricky recesses.


2. Get clever with your storage space

Most flats people live in aren’t the biggest in terms of storage space, so making the most of the space you do have is of paramount importance. Under-bed storage is an easy way of hiding away items you don’t use frequently to free up extra space and hide that clutter! What about that free space under the stairs? Clear out the clutter where possible and implement some clever storage solutions so you can find items quickly and easily. If you’re short on space then tidiness is key!

Under bed storage

3. Cut out bulky furniture

Bulky furniture is a killer for small spaces – opting for more streamlined piece can make a big difference! Multi-functional furniture is another great way to make the most of a small space. Take a look at these incredible 68 multi-functional pieces of furniture for inspiration!

If you can try and install tall, flat radiators as that will save you plenty of space. This then gives you more room in your flat making it look less cluttered and frees up space for more important things!


4. Find the right place for everything

Sometimes clutter is unavoidable but it’s much easier to deal with it in some places rather than others. The bedroom for example should be a clutter-free space to keep it as stress free as possible and stop piles of belongings giving you sleepless nights! If you can, try and move these items to another room such as the bathroom where clutter is less stressful, to give you more space and a better night’s kip!

For items that you want to keep in your bedroom, how about adding floating shelves or built in wardrobes to keep your bedroom uncluttered and cosy?

Under the sink storage is a great way to tuck away belongings in a bathroom without cutting into floor-space.


5. Cubes are good for everything!

Storage cubes are just about good for everything when it concerns small spaces. They fit into just about everywhere due to their shape and size, perfect for places such as alcoves. You can even use them for a small table or coffee table meaning you get extra use out of them.


6. Make the most of your walls

Even the smallest of rooms has a lot of wall space and is an area that is often neglected. Make sure that you make the most of the wall with some decorative shelves. These are great if you have some special items you can put on show for everyone to see, but make sure you clean them regularly to keep the dust off!

Storage and shelves


7. Keep it light and bright

Dark colours can make a room feel oppressive and cramped. In a small home, light is your best friend! Keep paint colours light and avoid heavy, bold patterns wherever possible. Keeping the walls, ceiling and floor a similar colour can also do wonders to create an illusion of space.


8. Simplicity is key

Keeping furnishings to a minimum is an important factor in creating the feeling of space. Avoid flouncy window dressings and an abundance of soft furnishings, opting for a clean, minimalist look instead. The more light you can welcome into your home and the bigger the area of floor space visible, the larger the space will feel.


In conclusion it is best to make use of storage, shelving and built-in cupboards to make you small home look a lot bigger and uncluttered. These simple tips will help you on your way to having the perfect home, no matter the size.


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