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Our Top Storage Ideas For A Tidy 2015

One common household resolution is to spend the new year de-cluttering and spring cleaning. We tell ourselves that this year will be the year when we get organized, and that we will never again need to spend the run-up to Christmas frantically tidying up in anticipation of welcoming guests. Why not make 2015 the year this comes true with these clever and creative storage ideas?

Storage for the Living room:

The living room is the second busiest room in the house (the kitchen takes the top spot). Your living room is probably used as a combination hobby area, child’s play area and entertainment room, so finding good storage solutions is essential.

Wrap Around Storage

wrap around storage tidy 2015
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If you have an open plan living area, something like this wrap-around storage unit will help you to maximise your available storage and living space:

Cushioned Crates

Crate storage idea
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Turn an old crate into a footstool by fitting a cushioned top to it. Use the inside of the crate to store kid’s toys or other small odds and ends.

Decluttering the Bathroom:

It’s amazing how much clutter can build up in the bathroom. Cosmetics, soaps, toilet paper and other odds and ends quickly mount up to make the room look messy. These crafty solutions can help you tame the bathroom clutter:

Toilet Paper Holder

upcycled toilet paper holder storage
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This home-made toilet-paper holder is really easy to make, and is a great way to keep your extra toilet rolls out of view while still offering easy access to them.

Beautiful Baskets

Caddy bathroom storage
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Upcycle some old baskets to turn them into beautiful storage caddies for your cosmetics, toiletries and medicines, making clutter look like a part of your decor.

Unobtrusive Bedroom Storage Ideas:

Keeping your bedroom clean and tidy makes it easier to fall asleep at night. These elegant storage solutions will help to keep your bedroom organized, and keep clutter to a minimum.

Dressing Your Door

Door storage
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Keep your shoes, jewellery and accessories on hand and maximise the amount of available storage space with this handy door hanger.

Corner Storage

Magazine holder storage
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Turn a magazine holder into a corner storage unit or an attractive bedside table.

Cute Kitchen Storage:

Some homes are blessed with large kitchens, but in many properties kitchen space is at a premium. These storage ideas will help you to keep your kitchen looking good, while saving space.

Swivel Stools

If your kitchen is very small, don’t waste space with freestanding stools – try these vintage swivel stools to maximise the available floor space.

Swivel stool storage
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The Ladder Shelf

Ladder storage
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Turn an old ladder into a beautiful, rustic shelving unit for some quick and easy but eye-catching storage for frequently used items:

Fun Storage Solutions for the Kid’s Room:

Getting children to tidy up their rooms is an almost impossible task. Kids are more receptive to the idea of tidying up if they can have fun while they’re doing it. These clever storage ideas will help to encourage your children to put away their things.

Monkey Hangers

Over door hangers
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These brightly colored, fun monkey door hangers are the perfect thing for kids to hang up their jackets, scarves and other items on.

See and Store Toy Rack

Kids stacking storage
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This rugged, brightly colored toy rack is ideal for storing crafts supplies, lego bricks, toy soldiers and other small items. Since each box is open topped it is easy to see where things belong and kids can have fun tidying up while keeping things on display.

Have you got any storage ideas to add to the list? Leave us a comment to let us know!

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