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Our Favourite Kid’s Doors and How To Create Them Yourself!

small child's door

When decorating and furnishing a child’s room, the door is often overlooked. Many children’s doors carry decorative signs, often indicating exactly who the room belongs to, marking your young one’s space as their own. But why stop there? As we shall see, it is quite possible to personalise an entire door.

small child's door

This small door design, courtesy of Studio Karhard, is an appealing option for children who cannot yet reach the door handle. These sorts of doors can be custom made, but they can also be bought and installed into existing doors. Making your own version is also possible – albeit with great difficulty for those unskilled in carpentry.

The handle, on the other hand, is less of a stretch – novelty door handles can be made relatively easily, and bought relatively cheaply. They therefore represent an easy first step in the world of door customisation.

chalk board door


Most children just love to draw on things, walls and doors included. So, rather than discourage their creative impulses, why not direct them toward a door designed to be drawn on? This simple version by designer Mekenzie Burton Crowder, is perfect for any cheap door that might otherwise be replaced.

Mekenzie claims to have acquired all of the necessary materials for less than twenty dollars (or around thirteen pounds). Though this does not include the coloured chalk which might work best in a kid’s room. The best thing about this is that your children can help out with the design themselves, which makes this a fun project for both parent and child alike!

bear door


This one, from Log Homes Canada, is perhaps the most elaborate on this list. We suspect that only a certain sort of child would appreciate a wooden simulacrum of a bear crashing through their bedroom door. If you live with such a child, then you probably already know about it. For the remainder, this might inspire nightmares!

We can think of few ways of bettering this design, (short of resorting to actual taxidermy) but it might be replicated by taking an axe to a wooden door, mounting a backplate to the rear and then attaching your ferocious animal of choice appropriately. Bears are obvious candidates, as are velociraptors, sharks and Jack Nicholson.

Paint, or a door-sized sticker, would make economic substitute – but would probably not yield the same effect. A word of caution, please do take care to smooth the splintered wood – splinters are painful.

girl's dutch door


Dutch doors are a popular modification to children’s rooms, since they allow parents to keep an eye on their children while preventing said children from leaving their rooms and running amok. This Dutch fairy door, by Kidtropolis, seems particularly suited to young girls with an affinity for fairies and the colour pink.

Modifying a door in this way will require the installation of another hinge. This is because a dutch door requires four hinges (two for each level), while most doors will have only three. An extensive explanation of how this might be achieved can be found here.

tardis door

While most of the items on this list have required at least some basic carpentry, great things can be achieved solely with paint.

The internet boasts a wealth of TARDIS-inspired door modifications, but this home-made offering, courtesy of Instructables user Cstukane, seemed to us to strike the right balance between aesthetics and practicality. It would surely be appreciated by Dr. Who fans both young and old.


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