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Living Room Interior Design Trends for 2015

2015 living room trends

The living room is one room where people love to express their own personal sense of style. From homely to period, modern to Moroccan, the list themes and colour schemes that people can choose from is never-ending.

Over the last few years, open plan living has become incredibly popular, so a lot of living rooms are designed so that they match or blend with the design of the kitchen. Those who have separate living rooms have a little more flexibility with the design of their properties.

Grass cloth and Louis-style furniture – both popular a couple of years ago, have fallen out of favour as designers look for more striking and bold designs. One thing that has remained popular, however, is the idea of using filtered light in the living room. If you are lucky enough to have a large living room with a significant amount of natural light being allowed in to it use a thin blind or even a net curtain to filter the light and keep the room feeling soft and airy.

The most popular on-trend living room design of the moment is the “urban jungle” – a combination of ethnic touches and modern, stylish design elements. Bamboo, orange rust and taffy are fashionable colours, and homeowners are being encouraged not to shy away from rich textures, ethnic patterns, tapestries and even faux furs and animal hides.

2015 living room trends

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Interesting Trends for 2015

Textures and layers are big for 2015, and you can choose any range of colours and shades that you prefer. Alexandra Kaehler loves 60s colours such as olive and orange, whole Christos Prevezanos loves a more 80s look with purple, green, aqua and pink.

Those who prefer a more timeless look, grey is definitely in fashion. It makes a great backdrop for other colours so you can change the look of your room by layering contrasting coloured throws, cushions and curtains or blinds on top of the predominantly grey décor. This means that your basic living room design will last for a long time.

Pair your grey tones with deep reds or royal blues for a dynamic room, or use glossy paints and furnishings for a modern look. Opt for soft greens and browns for something more earthy and natural. Grey is incredibly versatile, and a great starting point.

Chromes and metallic colours can look great alongside greys. The typical Scandinavian minimalistic design may no longer be on trend, but it is still a good source of inspiration. Consider combining chrome downligting with ceramics lamps in appealing shades.

The “urban jungle” look relies heavily on natural materials. This gives you a lot of freedom in terms of the kind of ornaments and accessories that you can choose. Opt for throws and cushions made of hemp or cotton – natural, breathable fabrics.

Tips to Get The Look

Pick a focal point for the room. Traditionally, this would be the fireplace but a large window, a chandelier, your fish tank or a TV can work just as well.

Make sure that there is a clear walkway through the room so that people passing through to the kitchen or up to the bedroom do not disturb people who are relaxing in there.

Use multiple textures – heavy rugs, soft cushions, smooth tables and granite fireplaces can combine to make a room that is a feast for the eyes.

The living room is one room where ornamentation works well, but make sure that the ornaments fit the theme of the room.

If you have an open plan living room/kitchen area, either blend the design of the two rooms together, or use strongly contrasting colours and borders to separate the two rooms.



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