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Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2015

Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2015

The kitchen is the busiest room in the house, serving as both a room for cooking and for socializing in many households. In addition, the kitchen is often used as a hobby room or an area for working or crafts.

Over the last few years kitchen designs have changed a lot, from the mis-matched designs of the 80s to the rustic country trends, and then the Scandinavian look that was so popular during the early 2000s. In 2015, we are likely to see kitchens become less plain and much more glamorous. The metallic look of modern kitchens will remain, but in warmer colours, with jewel tones being squarely in fashion.

The rustic look that was in fashion a couple of years ago has been abandoned in favour of something far sleeker and richer. While some may miss that rustic charm, it is fair to say that this more modern look is lower maintenance, more organized, and easier to keep clean.

Important Trends for 2015

One of the most interesting kitchen decorating trends for 2015 I statement ceilings. While it’s true that not all homeowners will have the option to join in with this trend, bulkheads, creative lighting or coffer ceilings are definitely in fashion. If you can’t use these trends, try to at least draw the eye up by using creative woodwork and cabinet installation. This will create the illusion of space and offer a unique focal point for the room.

Another interesting trend for 2015 is the use of a wider range of textures. By combining marble and granite with wood, glass and textured wallpapers you can create a kitchen that is a feast for the eyes, and for the fingertips too.

Wood and granite are definitely in for 2015, and they’re also sleek and high quality enough that they can be considered timeless designs.

Those who are lucky enough to live in relatively new builds can enjoy the recent trend towards larger, more open plan kitchens. Decorating these kitchens can be a challenge, but one thing that interior designer Yasmin Chopin advises is to use elegant and uncomplicated shapes and take advantage of pattern repetition to fill the room. The goal should be to achieve graceful sophistication in everything from the work-surfaces to the utensils.

Kitchen Interior Design Trends for 2015

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Tips to Get the Look

Combine rich, jewel colours with bold geometrics and warm metallics for a glamorous but modern looking kitchen.

Use marble or granite counter tops and under-mount sinks for a nice sleek effect.

Choose a back splash that matches the wallpaper to keep the design looking neat.

If you have enough room in the kitchen, opt for an island to maximise the useable work area and make use of some of the floor space that is currently going to waste. If you have a smaller galley style kitchen follow the traditional triangle layout to make it as easy as possible to work in the kitchen.

Don’t overlook the importance of lighting. Aim for a mixture of natural light, ceiling lighting and functional workspace lighting in the food preparation areas.

Use concealed storage and concealed appliances to keep the kitchen looking as clean and elegant as possible.

Take advantage of digital readouts and minimise the number of dials and knobs on your appliances.

Choose simple shapes – either straight lines or gentle curves. Avoid anything too ornate.

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