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Kids DIY: Safe Ways to Let Kids Help Around the House Over Easter

Being a parent during the school holidays offers many challenges, especially as you try to balance entertaining your children and doing all the jobs around the house that need doing at the same time. The ideal solution would be to have your kids help you with the DIY, but that’s probably not the best idea… Or is it?

Allowing your children to help with certain DIY activities not only gives them something to do within distance of you being able to watch them, but also allows you to spend more time with them constructively enhancing their life skills as you create something together.

We don’t recommend handing your children any power tools just yet, but here are a few safe ways to let your kids help with DIY over the Easter Holidays.

Let them Pick Colours and Themes

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Allow your child to be part of the decorating decision making process, especially within their own rooms. Let them have a say on what paint colour and themes to use, what type of wall paper – if to use wall paper at all – what type of bedding to select and other decisions that need to be made. This will allow your child to express themselves creatively and help create a room, and home, that they can enjoy too. This is a simple and fun way to allow your kids to help you without giving them any physical tasks to do.

Painting Walls

Image from Social Moms suggest that if your kids ask you if they can paint their rooms, then let them do it. They note that in doing so you encourage their creativity and help grow their sense of independence. During the school holidays when a room needs painting and your children need something to do, this is the perfect activity. All you need is some paint, some rollers and an old sheet to protect your floor, and you’ve got a fun and constructive kids DIY activity and you can tick another job of your list of things to do.

Tip: If you’re really worried about how the end product will look you can always let your children do the first coat and then apply the finish yourself at a later date.

Make Seasonal Decorations

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During different times of the year, you may well want to decorate your house in different ways to suit various occasions. As we approach the Easter period and the kids are off school, a great way to spend time with your children and keep them occupied is by creating Easter decorations and doing fun crafts to decorate the house. Not only can you make and create decorations for the house, but you can also make fun things the kids to play with themselves such as bunny masks and carrot footprints.

Find more Easter crafts from here and Martha Stewart here.

Easter Baking

Image from BBC Good Food

Another thing that can often keep you busy when your children are at home during the school holidays is cooking, baking and keeping them well fed. By allowing your kids to spend time with you in the kitchen and help with baking cakes and other treats, again you encourage their life skills as they start to learn how to cook and bake, and you also get to spend more time together and ease your work load (or maybe not!) as your child helps you.

For some fun and great tasting Easter recipes click here to visit BBC Good Food.


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