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Everyone has their own unique style when it comes to interior design and we all have our own likes and dislikes. But love it or hate it, interior styling follows fashion trends. Some of us are interior fashionistas, drinking in every detail of the latest vogue and others like to pick and choose their favourite aspects. Even just adding a few small touches to your home that follow current trends can keep your home feeling fresh and current.

In 2015 we expect to see further exciting developments in the interior design sphere. Some of the trends forecast for 2014 have continued and strengthened, such as the use of jewel tones, mixing and layering different textures, floral patterns and using outdoor influences inside. Other trends have developed anew. We’ve applied some of these innovations to different rooms of the house to provide you with ideas for using the latest colour palettes and patterns in your home.

Here are some of the key trends we’ve spotted for the coming months.


This trend isn’t new for 2015, as it has been highlighted in interior design for over 12 months. However 2015 prepares to really embrace this idea and take it to new levels. There are various intensities you can go to when adding outdoor touches to your home. A simple solution would be to add house plants, or bring an outdoor seat inside and dress with soft throws and cushions. You can also use natural materials like wood without varnish or treatment. For the more adventurous, large, floor to ceiling windows reduce the perception of separation from the outdoors. An affinity to nature gives a greater sense of wellbeing, so it is a positive move to break down these barriers. On top of that, using natural elements in design can be challenging, fun and help you create something really unique.


This trend is particularly applicable to fabrics. Textures like plaid wools can be layered with plush velvets, linen and silk juxtaposed with heavier fabrics. Mixing textures in this way creates interest and appeal in your room. You can also add texture with wallpaper or flooring which will intensify your fusion. However, layering is a delicate balance and the results should look effortless, adding warmth and tactile elements to your room.


Pantone’s colour palettes for 2015 interiors encourage creativity and flair. The old, rigid rule books have been discarded to foster innovation. The general feel is brighter, warmer and more experimental than 2014’s selections, opening up opportunities for eclectic style. The ‘Urban Jungle’ palette transforms rustic chaos into the civilized and sylvan, ideal for bathrooms and living areas. ‘Serendipity’ is a palette bringing together unlikely designs and unexpected colours, perfect for bedrooms and other playful spaces. ‘Abstractions’ is set to release our inner artist, just right for adding those jewel tones in a creative kitchen space.  If these bold colours aren’t for you then Pantone also offer ‘Tinted Medley’ and ‘Past Traces’ for a softer, vintage and ethereal feel.


In a move away from silver taps and light fittings, 2015 encourages us to continue embracing warm coppers and antique gold shades to dress up bathrooms and kitchens. This look can also be taken throughout any room of the home with other metallic fittings such as door handles, picture frames, mirrors and ornaments. Warm metals give a luxurious and gilded look, full of opulence. This trend can even be transferred to tableware such as cutlery and plates for a quick style update. Adding warm metallic touches to your home could be one of the simplest ways to bring a taste of 2015 fashion to your home, mixing well with rustic, ethnic or vintage or modern design styles.


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