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How do I Modernise My Home on a Budget?

home lighting

The words ‘home improvement’ might be enough to make many homeowners wince. After all, any significant renovation is going to come with an accordingly significant price-tag attached. In a lot of cases, the only way to get great results is to spend a bit (or more than a bit) of money.

But that’s not always true. If you’re looking to make your home fit for the modern age without spending too much, you might consider a few different upgrades. Let’s run through some of the more budget-friendly home improvements, and see which your property might benefit from.

Let there be Light

home lighting

Your home’s lighting will have a profound influence on the way that it looks. Warm lighting will make a space look cosier and more inviting; colder lighting will make everything look stark and roomy. As well as the light bulbs themselves, a light fitting can be an aesthetic centrepiece, whether it’s a statement standing lamp or a dangling chandelier. Just be sure that you have room overhead.

As well as changing the way that your home looks, your light bulbs will also save you money in the long-run, especially if you’re swapping out an older halogen-based bulb for a modern LED one. Just be sure that you’re comparing the brightness in lumens so that you can get a like-for-like comparison between the bulb you’re replacing and the one you’re replacing it with.

Revamp the Front Door

new front door

Swapping in an entirely new front door can have a dramatic impact on the ‘kerb appeal’ of a property. After all, it’s the first thing that your guests will see when they come over. If your budget won’t allow for the cost of an entirely new front door, then why not think about treating the existing one to a fresh coat of paint? You can pick out any shade you like, and keep the timber protected for years to come.


It isn’t just doors that can be brought back to life in this way. If you’ve got any ailing items of furniture knocking around, then why not treat them to a little bit of care, and restore them to their prior glory? Old coffee tables can be sanded down and treated to a new coat of wax; sofas can have their fabric replaced with something new and vibrant.

Built-in Shelves

Bespoke shelves tend to be massively more space-efficient than the ready-made kind, as they’re made to fit the exact dimensions of the space available. If you’ve got a massive selection of books that are piled up in the lounge, then getting them all into a single alcove might be the perfect way to declutter. You can fill any available space with bookends and other miscellaneous items.

Built-in Wardrobes

built in wardrobes

If you’ve got store-bought wardrobes jammed into a corner of your bedroom, perhaps with an awkward chimney-breast or a sloped ceiling intruding on the space, then a made-to-measure wardrobe will help you to declutter in exactly the same way as built-in shelving.

Replacing Cabinet Handles

Revamping a kitchen space isn’t cheap. In fact, the kitchen is usually the most expensive room in any given property, thanks to the abundance of tiling and appliances that need to be fitted. But there are little accenting features you might swap out with minimal fuss. Among the most popular things to deal with are cabinet handles. Pick something different, and you’ll change the entire look of the room for just a few quid.


Staying with the kitchen for a moment, let’s consider your splashbacks. While re-tiling the entire space is going to be expensive, you can also find adhesive glass splashbacks which can be easily stuck into place, invigorating tired-looking spaces for minimal investment.

Bathroom Storage

bathroom storage

The addition of the right cabinet to your bathroom will have far-reaching consequences. All of the clutter that’s piling on your shelves and windowsill will be neatly hidden out of sight, meaning that the entire room will look more spacious and can be easily cleaned.


Dingy attic spaces can be revitalised with the help of a skylight or two. Now only will they be able to bring natural light into the interior, they’ll also do so with minimal expenditure. Skylights don’t need to be opened or closed, making them a great fit for parts of the home where the ceiling is too high to reach.

Dress your Windows

Window dressing contributes an enormous amount to the overall look of a living space. Not only directly, but in terms of the amount of light they let in. If you’d like a room to look that little bit brighter and roomier, then you might consider swapping those tired old curtains for a lightweight set of Venetian blinds. They’ll retract into a tiny space, and ensure that the maximum amount of sunlight can reach the inside.

Replace your Windows

white windows

For much the same reason, an entirely new set of windows will reinvigorate an interior. Modern aluminium frames are far stronger than their rivals, and thus they can be made much thinner, which in turn means more light for your interior. On the other hand, you might prefer the classic look of a timber frame. Double and triple-glazed windows allow for considerable efficiency savings, and thus they’ll pay for themselves over the course of years and decades. Look for a guarantee against fungal rot when shopping for timber windows.

Water Pumps

Owners of combi boilers benefit from high-pressure showers. But if your home lacks such a boiler, there are ways to increase the pressure without investing in entirely new plumbing. Install a pump near to the shower unit, along with thermostatic temperature controls, and you’ll be able to enjoy 21st-century showers even in a 19th-century home.

In Conclusion

As we’ve seen, it’s possible to modernise a home without spending a lot of money – and in some cases, you might be able to make improvements for next to nothing. If you’ve got time to spare, and an artistic streak, you might even be able to come up with decorative elements which are totally unique!


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