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Festive Interiors, A Guide To Decorating For Christmas With Style

upcycled christmas tree festive interior idea

One of the most fun parts of Christmas is preparing for the festivities – cleaning your home and turning your living room into a picturesque winter wonderland or a cosy and colourful retreat. Getting together with your family and redecorating your home can be a great bonding experience, and these winter interior ideas will most definitely wow your visitors when you entertain over the holiday season. Here’s our guide to festive interiors with style.

1. An Alternative to Christmas Trees

If you don’t have the space for a traditional Christmas tree, or just fancy expressing yourself with something a little more unusual, try this alternative Christmas tree idea. This easy upcycling idea involves using several pieces of wood to represent tree branches, then hanging small decorations and lights from them. For an extra twist, spray the wood gold or silver, or use hand-made decorations.

upcycled christmas tree festive interior idea

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2. Warm Welcome

Frame your hallway with cones, ribbons, fairy lights and other decorations to create a bright, warm and welcoming entrance. Use bold tinsel for a frivolous look or dark, rich greenery for something more sedate and luxurious. The choice is yours. This kind of decoration is easy to do, and makes a dramatic difference to how your entryway will look.

festive doorway

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3. Festive Family Fireplaces

If you prefer the simpler and more rustic look, the family fireplace is the perfect focal point for your Christmas gatherings. Add some silver, gold and green for a seasonal touch. Use wreaths and stars to brighten up the area, and litter candles around for some extra cosiness. Don’t forget to leave some room for hanging your stockings on Christmas Eve!

Festive Interiors - fireplace decorations


Image courtesy of Kathy Nielsen on Pinterest.

4. Cute Christmas Kitchens

Add a touch of seasonal cheer to your Kitchen this holiday season with this simple appliance decorating idea. All you need is some coloured paper and adhesive. This is a quick and easy project that even young kids can get involved with. You can decorate almost any appliance like this and create a Snowman family.

Snowman fridge decorations


Image courtesy of

5. Stunning Snowflakes

Snowflakes are synonymous with the winter holidays, and it’s a rare person that would say they do not like snow. Make paper snowflake ”beaded” curtains for your doors, or make some beautiful floating snowflake garlands out of marshmallows for the ultimate edible decoration. Ditch the mistletoe, and all those awkward moments at family gatherings, in favour of a festive decoration that there will be a queue to investigate!

Christmas marshmallow snowflakes

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6. Holiday Bathroom Fun

festive toilet seat


Image courtesy of Tatamba blog.

Even the bathroom can be turned into a place full of festive fun. This quirky toilet seat cover idea will definitely put a smile on your face each morning. If you aren’t a fan of reindeer, try a Santa hat style cover instead.

The above are just a few simple interior decorating ideas that you can use in your home this winter. As you can see you can brighten up any room with a little creativity. The colours of the winter season are silver, gold, red and green and you can use these in almost any combination, so use your imagination!

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