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Festive Door Decor

snowball wreath

Brighten up your front door this holiday season with one of these gorgeous door decorations. The beauty of these decorations is that they’re all either easy to put up, or hand made, and you don’t need to be a genius with a sewing machine or a glue gun to get great results.

The Snowball Wreath

If you live in an area that rarely sees snow, why not make some yourself? This snowball wreath is made from assorted styrofoam balls, glue, and fake snow spray. Add a bright red ribbon for an extra festive touch.

snowball wreath


The Snow Man Door

This simple but effective door decoration can be made with some paper plates or coloured paper for the eyes, nose and buttons, and some festive wrapping paper for the “scarf”. It’s a great project for the kids to take on while you’re busy hanging the lights or putting up the tree.

snowman door

Creative Candy Canes

Turn some red and white ribbon and deco mesh into a beautiful door decoration that really does look good enough to eat.

Candy cane door

Santa Door Cover

This festive door cover depicts Santa Claus welcoming visitors into a cosy looking, beautifully decorated home. What better way to spread the festive cheer? Just remember to leave a loose area so the post man can still deliver your letters!

santa door

Marvelous Mittens

These glittery mittens are a fun woodwork project that will store well, so you can hang them up year after year. If you aren’t confident in your woodworking skills, make a cardboard version to hang in your window.


Tree Door Hanger

Keep the little ones entertained making this bright and cheerful Christmas tree door hanger. simply print out a large tree pattern and let them colour it in and sprinkle it with glitter for a cute home-made decoration.

xmas tree

Burlap Stocking

This beautiful burlap stocking adds a rustic touch to your front door. It makes an ideal decoration for a country home, and will look particularly beautiful in the snow.

burlap stocking

Happy Horses

If santa, snowmen and stockings are too traditional for you, why not try something a little different? These happy horses look suitably seasonal, and would make an ideal decoration for any equestrian household.

horse wreathes

The Wreath Deer

This cute and quirky red nosed “wreath deer” will put a smile on the face of anyone who calls at your home. The nose of the deer is made from a brown ski cap, and the antlers from an old pair of gloves. It’s easy to make, looks great on your door, and is a refreshing change from a standard pinecone wreath.

reindeer wreath

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