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Easy Styling for All Seasons [Infographic]

seasonal styling infographic

When you have a passion for interior design, DIY and generally just all things home related, it can be hard to reign in your creative flair and know when to stop. The urge to redecorate every time the weather changes is a fun one to deal with, but not convenient and not at all economic! The prospect of a boring, plain room that can be easily adapted for holiday decorating and suits every season sounds kind of nightmarish for those of us with a decorating addiction. But interior design isn’t just about what colour your walls and furniture are.

Choosing a simple, neutral base not only allows for accessories and items of décor to be switched around throughout the year.It also lets your most eye-catching and beautiful pieces really stand out. Grey and white work well but for those who prefer a little more warmth opt for beige or cream.

Metallics are incredibly on-trend right now and are amazingly versatile. They add light and texture in the summer months and provide a warmer, more decorative holiday feel in the winter months. Metallic pieces can be used throughout the year without the need to replace them and often add a touch of luxury.

For a more natural and earthy look, wood accessories are great and are available to suit any style. Whether you’re going for sleek and minimal Scandinavian, classic Victorian or retro 60’s, they’ll work with any season or holiday as they can easily be “dressed” up or down.

Now, we know the whole world has gone mason jar crazy; with good reason! Creative types love these jars because there is endless potential for what can be made with them. And the best thing? They are cheap! Oh and of course, reusable. Fill them up with whatever you think looks pretty and change them out as soon as something else catches your eye.

The infographic below has tons of design tips for a beautifully designed room that works for you all year round! With advice on colour palettes, textures and fabrics and the best themes for each season, you’ll find some easy, wallet friendly pointers to satisfy your decorating needs!

seasonal styling

Top Tips

  • Use neutral colours to create a base.
  • Metallic and wood make for year round accessories.
  • Use mason jars for great looking décor that can be changed up whenever you want.
  • Opt for deep, rich colours in autumn and winter…
  • …and pastels and brights in spring in and summer.
  • Textures and fabrics are important; heavy, warm materials for winter, light and airy for summer.

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