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Over the door storage solutions for a tidy and organised home

Do you feel like there’s just not enough space in your bedroom to store all of your clothes, shoes, gadgets and accessories? If so, you aren’t alone! Storage space is at a premium for the vast majority of homeowners today. The good news is that you don’t have to do a massive spring-clean of your treasured possessions, either. These cute and creative over the door storage solutions will help you organize your life. Just click on the product title for more details.

1. Always Have Accessories On Hand

This simple over door strap storage device can store up to eight purses, handbags or other accessories. It will fit most doors, and is easy to adjust. The simple design means that it will suit most rooms, and can be used for everything from sports bags and baseball caps to high fashion accessories. Perfect for keeping the wardrobe clutter-free.

2. Super-Efficient Shoe storage 

This easy-to assemble over the door shoe rack can hold up to 18 pairs of shoes. The hooks are coated so that your shoes won’t get scratched when you hang them up, and the clean and simple design will look good in any bedroom.

3. Versatile Pockets for Gadgets and More

This stylish blue and cream coloured door organizer features eleven pockets of varying sizes, including one perfect for storing large files, two smaller document pouches, and four pouches for gadgets, umbrellas and other smaller items. The organizer is made from a heavy-duty ultratex material that looks good but is strong enough to hold most items.

4. Handy Ironing Caddy

Save precious space in your utility cupboard by keeping your iron and ironing board on this handy hangar. The hangar can mount onto a wall, or go over a door. If you use this caddy, you will always have access to your ironing board when you need it, saving you precious time before work, and making ironing slightly less of a chore!

5. Photos and Documents

Instead of cluttering up your bedside table or window sill with photo frames, or having to decide which photos to display, why not display them all? This hanging photo gallery can hold up to 80 pictures (40 per side). Show off your favourite holiday snaps, or reserve a pouch or two for your passport or other important documents.

6. Jewellery  Organiser

Why keep your favourite jewellery items locked up in a box, where you will never see them, when you can display them with pride in this door hanging jewellery organizer. This space-saving organizer is made of a soft fabric that will not damage your jewellery. It has 72 pockets, perfect for displaying earrings, bracelets, necklaces and brooches. Organize your jewellery so that your most frequently worn items are always within easy reach, and show off your collection when it is not in use.

7. Hanging Cat Tower

Technically, this isn’t a storage item, but it is still a must-have for any cat owner. If your cat loves to climb the curtains and scratch your bedding, give them something more exciting to do instead. This multi-level hanging cat tower will provide your cat with some physical and intellectual stimulation as they jump, crawl and climb from level to level.

Hopefully these ingenious over the door storage solutions will help you keep your home neat, tidy and perfectly organised!

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