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Creative key holders

Tennis ball keyholder

“Where are my phone and keys?” is a question that we’ve all probably asked ourselves countless times, either privately or in an alarming screech accompanied by a plethora of profanities. Your phone isn’t much of an issue, all you need to do is ring it on the landline and follow the tone. Your keys on the other hand can be a significantly more fiddly proposition.

Of course this is a problem that needn’t ever exist if we were to just store our keys in a logical manner. So many of us get in from a day at work, chuck the house and car keys casually on the kitchen table and forget about them until the next morning when we’re in a mad panic. We treat our keys with so little respect and yet without them, our lives seemingly fall apart.

A few creative key holders and storage solutions

So here we’ve found a few solutions, storage solutions to be precise, which should mean you’ll never have to angrily ask yourself “where are my keys?” again.

Tennis Ball – Truly making ‘something from nothing’, this idea takes an old tennis ball (that would otherwise probably have been left to the dog) transformed into a novel and amusing hook for your keys. Making your own little ‘ball buddy’ couldn’t be simpler. Simply cut a small slit into your tennis ball for the mouth and wedge (or glue) a hook into the mouth. Then it’s simply a case of mounting the ball on your wall and adding two, hollow point screws for eyes.

Tennis ball keyholder


Lego – We all have fond memories of using lego as youngsters right? So why not revisit that simple, childhood rapture every day by turning a few blocks of your old, dusty lego kit into a quirky storage solution for your keys? Construction wise it really speaks for itself don’t you think? (Indeed that was always the joy with lego)

lego key holder

A ‘K’ Holder – Whilst this one might be a little (understandably) obvious for some tastes, branding your key holder as a gigantic letter ‘K’ is surely a small work of genius? At least you’d never mistake it for anything else (unless you’re a particularly odd fan of a certain brand of breakfast cereal). Anyone with even a fraction of an experience in high school woodwork should be able to knock one of these beauties up. Though if you’re under the age of 15 we’d advise you to ask an adult for help (or at very least wear a pair of thick gloves and some protective eyewear whilst you’re carving)..

K key holder


Build a little birdhouse for your keys – Here we have a range of tiny, bespoke birdhouses, each perhaps to small to house an actual bird, but perfectly suited for holding your house and car keys. Obviously the intricate nature of these key holders means that it’s unlikely you’d be able to simply ‘knock them up’ in the garage though. Fortunately just a cursory perusal or eBay should find you a range of potential purchases in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns.

birdhouse for keys


The chalkboard – Another ingenious idea that is deceptively simple. Simply drill a few small hooks into the base of a small blackboard and mount it to your wall and the job (as they say) is a good one! Having a little message board above an area that everybody in your house will definitely see every morning can be useful for passing along messages too.

key chalkboard

Colour Coded Branch – OK we’re getting into really quirky territory here but this idea is a surprisingly useful one and can be copied onto a variety of designs. By colour coding your key holder (in this example an old branch nailed to the wall) you can instantly see which key belongs where, which could save valuable seconds in the morning. It might not seem a lot, but trust me, those seconds add up!

coloured branch key holder

Cutlery – Out final idea is perhaps our least conventional but again it’s also something that could be constructed by anyone in a slow afternoon. Simply mount some bent forks or spoons (knives would NOT be a good idea) onto wooden boards which are themselves mounted onto the wall. This solution might prove a little oblique for those who prefer ‘order’ to ‘chaos’, but for artist types and those who value their individuality, I can’t honestly think of a more creative way in which to use superfluous eating utensils.

cutlery key holder

Which is your favourite key storage solution?



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