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Common Interior Design Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

Brightly lit room

Designing and decorating your living space is part art, part science. Ideally, your space should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. If you aren’t artistically inclined, then making a living area that looks good can be difficult. Here are a few common mistakes that are made by novice interior designers, along with some tips for how to avoid them.


1. Too much furniture

If your room feels cramped, or it is not possible for two people to walk through the room without getting in each other’s way, then you have too much stuff in the room. Try removing a couple of items to make space, or moving the furniture around to create space.


2. Excessive clutter

Furniture isn’t the only thing that can get in the way. If you have a huge number of ornaments, decorations and general “stuff” in the room then those items could make the room look messy. Throw out things that you don’t need or never use.


3. Bad lighting

Ideally, your room should have plenty of natural light, but this is not always possible. If you can’t depend on natural light, make sure that you have some good overhead lighting, as well as other lights dotted around the room to ensure even and bright lighting for everyone using the room. Install dimmers so that the light is not overpowering.

Brightly lit room
Brightly lit rooms have a feeling of space.


4. Clashing colours

Test your paint colours carefully before decorating the room. Ideally, you should take some swatches of fabric from your carpet and furniture to the store and pick paint samples based on that. Take those samples home and make sure that the paint looks good in the house. Remember that colours can look different under different lighting, and there is a high chance you have different lights at home to the lights in the store!


5. Lack of a focal point

Every room design should have a focal point. Common focal points include the fireplace, a fish tank, the TV or a window that looks out over a beautiful garden. If you do not have a focal point the room will look disjointed and poorly thought out.


6. Mismatched furniture

Try to make all of your furniture match in terms of size. Having one unusually small or large piece of furniture can ruin the flow of the room. The exception to this is family heirlooms, which can provide an interesting talking point, or could even be made the focal point of the room.

Mismatched furniture
Mismatched furniture can leave a room feeling cramped and disjointed.


7. Artwork located too high on the walls

Your artwork should sit so that the top of the piece is located about five and a half, or six feet, from the floor. Most ceilings are about eight feet high, and this will ensure that the piece is around eye-level and that there is a pleasing gap between the piece and the top of the wall. Cluster small pieces of art together so that there is a single focal point. You can make an exception for bigger pieces, and hang them higher up if necessary.


Have you committed any of these interior design sins in your home?

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