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Clever Kitchen Updates: 6 Ideas For a Fresh New Look

Many of us are cursed by cluttered kitchens that we negotiate every day while making food and washing up, spaces that are crying out for a smart intervention that’ll introduce a little ergonomic sense to the room.

Thinking smartly about how your kitchen could be optimised takes time that you might not have, so we’ve decided to help you out by providing some fresh ideas that’ll revolutionise the way you see your kitchen and how you’ll interact with it going forward.

In today’s post from the personal finance experts at Jolly Good Loans, we’re giving you a selection of clever updates to upgrade both your kitchen’s aesthetic and its practicality.

Sophisticated storage

We’re not all blessed with a large kitchen with enough room for everything we’ll possibly need. For smaller kitchens, such as galley-style ones found in small apartments, you’ll need a bit of creative thinking to keep everything in its right place.

Consider using magnetic boards to store everything from kitchen knives to herbs and spices and invest in easily-stackable pots and pans to increase space in cupboards. Clearly demarcate spaces in your drawers for different utensils and cooking equipment, so clutter doesn’t start to dominate – this step is obvious but oh-so-helpful.

If you keep your drawers strictly disciplined and do away with too much bulky excess packaging, you’ll have a slimmed-down space that offers a seamless cooking experience.

Split up your space

For homeowners with a bit more room for manoeuvre, a fresh and creative way to upgrade the kitchen is to use bi-fold doors to demarcate different areas in your home. A set of these doors could give whoever’s doing the cooking some well-earned breathing space during a dinner party or could prevent little ones from wandering in while a family meal is being cooked – the possibilities are only limited by your creativity!

This option is especially beneficial for homeowners that want daylight to flow through their home, as glass bi-fold doors can provide exactly that.

Make the room breathe

A fresh new look can be achieved simply by changing the colour scheme in the kitchen, promoting fresh, airy shades that’ll make the room breathe and feel bigger. If you’ve got a dated cooking space that hasn’t had a lick of paint since the 1990s, then you’ll be amazed what a fresh coat of creme or pastel blue paint can do – not just in terms of the room’s colour, but its overall holistic feel.

Having a ‘breathing’ space such as this will aid motivation in the kitchen and help you feel relaxed – which is arguably the most important function of a home, especially after a long day at work.

Instigate a worktop revolution

kitchen worktop and sink

Image: Unsplash

Much like a simple colour swap changing the whole mood of the room, replacing your kitchen worktop can revolutionise the feel and style of your kitchen. There’s a certain sense of permanence about a granite worktop, as the hard-wearing, ancient stone will last for a very long time.

This can give the kitchen – the heart of the home – a solid grounding for decades to come, as materials such as granite or quartz are hardy enough to stand up to decades of use. For a clever twist, you could even incorporate a built-in wooden chopping board to make the space that bit more ergonomic and chef-friendly.

Revitalise your cabinets

Adding a fresh lick of paint to those worn old cabinets is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to revitalise your kitchen’s look.

If your kitchen cabinets are still structurally intact, all you need is some cleaner, sandpaper, a paintbrush and a little elbow grease to get them looking good as new. A new coat of paint is a simple and cheap DIY job that can have your kitchen looking beautifully fresh within just one weekend, meaning you can spend more time using your stylish looking kitchen to its full potential.

Light it up

You might not think it, but lighting plays a major part in the overall impression of your kitchen, having a dramatic impact on the apparent size, mood and feel of the space.

Spicing up your lighting options is, therefore, an effective way to create a fresh new kitchen feel. There’s a wide variety of task, ambient and feature lighting choices out there, so think about what will work best for your space – both practically and aesthetically. Under-cupboard spotlights, for example, look great when installed above the hob and sink areas as a trendy contemporary feature, but can make a smaller kitchen looked rather cramped.

We hope this post has inspired you to take on a new kitchen challenge. Whether it’s a simple refresh or a wholesale overhaul, it’s all up to you!

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