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  • How to Repair and Prevent Door Rot

    door rot

    Rot is a problem that’s plagued timber for as long as human beings have been making things out of it. It’s especially troublesome in the case of doorways, which not only need to look great, but which also serve an important security function. Let’s take a look at rot in doors and how best to […]

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  • Front Door Q&A: Your Problems Solved

    front door

    Just about every building, almost by definition, will come with a front door of some sort. This is the primary point of entry to the interior, and it’s the first thing that new arrivals will see and use. This makes it incredibly important. To get the best from your front door, you’ll need to be […]

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  • How to Measure Doors for Replacement

    Swapping out an ailing set of doors for a sparkling new one is a great way to refresh an interior. With that said, if you’re going to make such an upgrade, you’ll need to be absolutely sure that your replacement door(s) are going to match up with the existing aperture. That’s where your trusty measuring […]