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Bedroom Interior Design Trends for 2015

Bedroom interior design trends for 2015

The bedroom is one of the most important rooms in terms of interior design. If the bedroom is too cluttered, or the décor too garish, then you may find that it is difficult to fall asleep. Traditionally, bedrooms have always been a place for soft, pastel colours and relatively plain patterns, because those design elements are peaceful and relaxing.

That trend was bucked last year, when Moroccan patterns became fashionable for a while, but those ornate patterns have now made way for more playful designs. Another design element that was fashionable a few years ago but that seems to be falling out of favour is mirrored wardrobes. While these do make rooms look bigger, many designers now prefer other ways of maximising the illusion of space.

Hot Designs for 2015

The big trend for 2015 is playful matches, including combining unexpected colours for a refreshing bedroom space. If you prefer something a little more timeless then you can opt for something plainer and simpler that will remain fashionable for many years to come.

Susie Johnson’s 2015 designs combine greens, yellows and oranges for something that is natural, earthy and eye-catching. The interesting colour combinations are kept understated thanks to the simple choice of patterns.

Higgins Architects are favouring a more muted, darker set of colours, and a much more traditional country-style theme. This design works best for large master bedrooms, and relies on careful lighting choices.

For a more modern look, consider the style of Michael Abrams. Silvers, greys and whites combine to produce a sleek, stylish, modern and clean look that will suit both small and large rooms.

Bedroom interior design trends for 2015

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Tips to Get The Look

There are several important elements to bedroom design. Remember that the bedroom’s primary use is for sleeping in, so you should aim to make the room as clutter free as possible. Use concealed storage, and keep ornamentation to a minimum.

Do not put a TV, computer or any entertainment devices in the bedroom. Save those for the study, den or living room. The only form of entertainment that you should consider in the bedroom is a soft night light and a stand to store a book or two. This may seem strange given that it is now possible to buy beds with TVs built in to them, but such “modern” conveniences are not conducive to a healthy sleep cycle.

Another important consideration is curtains and blinds. Opt for thick, heavy blinds or curtains in whatever colour matches the design of your bedroom. Ideally, the blinds should block out as much light as possible so that you are not woken up by an early sunrise in the summer months. The blinds or curtains should open wide to let in lots of light during the day, however.

The colours and patterns that you choose for your room will vary depending on your personal preferences and the size of the room. Choose lighter colours for smaller rooms. If you have a big room with high ceilings you can get away with dark colours and busier patterns, but light colours will still work.

One bedroom addition that has come back into fashion for 2015 is the faux fireplace. Many designers are making use of this as a way to add a more traditional feel to their bedrooms. You can decorate the fireplace with ornaments, or even put a picture above it, but be careful not to go over the top with ornamentation because clutter can be quite distracting.

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