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Antique Door Knobs for that Perfect Period Look

What better way to breathe some new life into a period room, or put the finishing touches to your renovation project than to purchase a period door knob? There are many architectural reclaimers and antique stores that sell period door knobs, and if you cannot find the perfect door knob for your door you can always purchase a “period style” door knob that is made from aged brass or reclaimed iron for an authentic look at an affordable price. Here are six unique and interesting antique door knobs from some of the most popular architectural periods.

1.  Brass Door knob with Nouveau Motif

This vintage brass door knob is a hollow design that dates back to 1900 – 1909. This lightweight door knob features a beautiful Art Nouveau motif engraved onto its face. It does have some verdigris, but this should be easy to remove with some careful polishing. Those restoring a period door may even prefer the “weathered” look!

2. Wooden Chatsworth Door Knobs

Chatsworth brass door knobs can be found in raw brass, or in a more decoative nickel plated form which is chromed for an ebonised finish. These beautiful natural-wood colored door knobs have the distinctive Chatsworth carved design and feature brass back-plates, and are designed for use with rim or mortice locks.

3. Art Deco Wooden Handle

This original deco-style wood door knob comes with a 8 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ back plate. It is difficult to find wood door handles that are still in a good condition. This original deco wood door handle is well-preserved and adds a touch of authenticity to your doors.

4. Victorian Black Ceramic Door Knob

This original reclaimed black ceramic door knob dates back to the Victorian era. It is a simple one-piece door knob in the bun shape, and it has a stud fixing. This sleek and simple door knob is perfect for a period property, but has a timeless appeal that means it also suits more modern rooms.

5. French Antique Door Handle

This ornate antique French door handle is a charming brass piece that was made in 1910. It uses the traditional French design that has a lever and a turning knob. At 8″ long, this door handle is quite substantial. The floral and fleur de lys motif is eye-catching and would add a touch of class to any property.

6. Bakelite Door Knobs

Bakelite was developed in 1907, and was a popular material used in the design of everything from kitchenware to children’s toys up until the 1950s. Bakelite is hardwearing and has a distinctive glossy appearance. Today, Bakelite items are considered to be highly collectible because of their retro appeal. These Bakelite door knobs come with a backplate with a keyhole. The doorknob itself is quite a simple rounded design that would look good in a 50s style room, or even a more sleek Scandinavian designed kitchen.

Those are just some of our favourite antique door knobs and handles – which do you like the most?

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